Our business with domains

We read in the general review Habré and to see clearly.

By the way, not all the squatters took the path of brands, someone decided to “do the media and civil society organizations.” As a result of this creativity were quite official, but of course fictitious, the media called “vodka” and “beer”, and non-profit organizations Consumers recreation “Our lake” (abbreviated: porn) or open independent Logistics Association “Iota H” (abbreviated : online). And above all laws and by the rules!

“For the people”

An excellent way its essence article demonstrates Domain RF – Russian hysteria jubilation registrars.

RF domains had registered more than 294,000 and continues to increase. During the first day of open registration bought 240,040 domains. I think the end of November, the figure may reach half a million. (For comparison – in the zone su all 89,000 domains in ru – 3,06 Mill.). Have an account all normal words, the name of medium and small cities, all two-letter and two-character domains.

Of course this technical capabilities registrars have simply not ready for this kind of quantity of the desired. Either it’s not just like that? – It is still not good domains are registered! According to the same article:

Most in the registration area of Russia profited registrars. And more than any other registrar – the all-powerful monster RU-CENTER. Look at the statistics for the first day of free registration. 294,000 registered domains. Of these, 49.5% went to Roux Center. This was due to its own facilities (two of its registrar) + technical agreement with four registrars, according to which they act in the interests of Roux Center.

But that’s not all. It is clear that for some domains of the Russian Federation will be wanting to buy a few, in such cases, the situation is very twofold.

According to the regulations a focal point who first applied, ranging from 12-00 Nov 11, and registered the domain. To do this, registrars and collect preliminary bids from their clients.

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