Service Domain4seo

To get started with the service domain4seo need to register on the site. Registration is available only for an invite – for them, contact ICQ or mail.
Services paid service, the choice you have 2 tariff – $ 29.95 per month subscription or $ 9.95 per week. If you are actively engaged in or planning to engage in domain names, of course, better to take a subscription once a month, and you can sample a week. Although the evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of the lists, there are examples sample above. As soon as you pay for a given period, access to the backorder. By the way, when you buy, you will give free scans over the past week.

Go to your account on, download the list of expiring domains.
Open it in Excel, press Ctrl + A to select all the cells, and then in the menu select Data> Filter> AutoFilter.
Now you can easily select domains for various parameters. Then go to the auction site, make bid and haggle for domain names with classroom performance.
Generally Expiring domains can be used for different purposes:

Creating the satellites for their projects on similar topics.
Purchase thematic domains to further promotion and monetization. It is clear that this can be selected domains with a good story, lords, as well as indicators of pr, particles.
Creating websites for selling links on the exchanges (the same Sape) – watch the number of indexed pages and indicators pr, particles. If the domain has got good lords, it is possible that the next Ape indicators still increase.
Beautiful and different domains seo-for-sale – in the table there is a parameter that determines the presence of keywords in the name.
For doorways purchased PR-istye domains for saving money on the growth puzomerok, besides dory because should not live and get to the top you need quickly.
Pleasant and serious moment in domain4seo is a constant improvement of the functional and work on the development of the service. Just look at the latest news of the project, in order to understand the high level everything is built. For example, in August, the developers have added to the admin panel smotrelku backlinks (backlinks) for the domain you are interested in, then it was started scanning 2-Russian registrars and, 21 th of the work on the parameter “check for gluing.” Next – will be even more goodies.

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